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if Harley Quinn was made for Dr. Octopus :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 0 Cant resist wont be missed it's a lie but I insist :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 2 0 One More time, Rolling girl... :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 1 ''Don't be afraid, I'm not so bad, am I~?'' :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 1 0 When your friends don't like to kazoo. :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 1 0 2016, I hate you. :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 0 photoshopped Alan Rickman meme :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 0 kawaii lord Voldemort :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 3 S-Senpai...! :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 8 Me if I saw Alfred Molina in public :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 1 0 boogie nights Alfred :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 0 OH YEEES :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 1 0 my facepainting :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 6 Adios Satipo :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 0 0 We're two crazy Octopi! :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 1 2 Get dunked on friend pally pal chum friend! :iconmikuhatsune3210:mikuhatsune3210 1 3


(Castiel x Reader) In Which ______ and Castiel...
...Go Off and Try to Find Sam With the Help of Dean After Having Amazing Sex That the Author was Too Lazy To Write
Dean burst into the room to see you lying there panting with your head on Castiel's chest. The sheets covered both of you, keeping you from being completely exposed to Dean who had a panicked look on his face.
"Sammy is missin'. The fangirl witch took him." He said, and you blinked a few times before responding.
"Didn't you kill her?"
"Apparently not well enough."
You slipped from the bed, dragging the sheet with you. Castiel, as soon as you stole the only thing he was using to cover his private areas, appeared on the other side of the room with his trench coat on, along with all of his other clothes, unfortunately.  You smiled at Dean, pulling on your own clothing.
"Well what are we waiting for? Lets go!"
The search for Sam Winchester went on for a while, it basically consisted of you and Dean asking people if they had seen a moose being towed around by a fangirl.
The wit
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Ticci-Toby :icon00succubus:00Succubus 2 0 For the Sake of the Boy :icona-little-tea-rat:A-Little-Tea-Rat 10 7
The Game - Kenny McCormick x Reader
"Happy birthday to us!" exclaimed the (h/c) hair colored girl, who looked at her wristwatch. It was exactly 12:00AM.
"Happy birthday to us," said the blonde boy who wore an orange parka, with the hood down. "So, what are we gonna do this year?" he asked with a smile.
"Hmm," she thought for a while. Today was (Y/n) (L/n) and Kenny McCormick's birthday. They would always celebrate it together every year, since their birthdays were on the same date. Plus, they were the best of friends. Today, they were turning 16.
"Well, we could throw a huge ass party!" she grinned.
"Sounds good to me," said Kenny, with a smirk.
- Time skip -
Loud music played in (Y/n)'s house. There were food and drinks on the tables nearby, and people were all over the place. Most of the people were from South Park Elementary School.
- - -
"This conformist party isn't so bad," said one of the goth kids. The other three nodded at him, which meant they agreed. The goth kids were all seated at the corner of the room, smok
:iconizzyflame:izzyflame 94 14
Purple Lamborghini (Joker x Reader)
     Gotham zipped past you in a flurry of neon colors.  The purple Lamborghini tore through the streets, sending the civilians into a panicked frenzy.  They screamed, terrified of the grape colored monster that threatened to bull past anything and everything in its path.  One man was running around in circles, flapping his arms like some kind of strange bird.  You could tell by his plum colored face and bulging neck muscles that he must sound like one too.
     The Joker simply laughed as he bumped the bass up even louder.
     Everything on the outside of the vehicle was drowned out by an erratic beat that fluctuated between a basic hip-hop sound and a sharp dub-step mix.  The bass pounded against your bones, causing a pleasant vibration.  Your ears ached and there was a stabbing pain at the base of your neck but you couldn't care less.  The scenery around you was like a chaotic painting.
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 36 10
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Severus Snape x Shy!Reader - Don't Faint
I’m so upset that Alan Rickman has died. :tears:  So, here’s a Severus x Reader story!
[F/n] - first name, [L/n] - last name
[H/c] - hair color, [E/c] - eye color
      It was no secret that [F/n], a student teacher, had a crush on the Potions Professor.  Hell, Harry Potter could tell clear as day that she had a thing for him.  A lot of the students wondered why she would fall for the dungeon bat, but some of them (and the rest of the faculty) thought it was a wonderful idea.  Although [F/n] managed to evade every attempt at getting the two alone that these people thought up.  She even managed to avoid the Weasley Twins attempt.  Whether or not Professor Snape knew, was a complete mystery.  He always had that neutral expression, and didn’t seem to even notice [F/n] was there half the time.  Although, that’s not much of a surprise either.  [F/n] wasn’t the type to just announce her feelings, she wo
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 399 66
Dogma Metatron :iconthreshthesky:ThreshTheSky 124 77
Mature content
(Alan Rickman X Reader) Unrequited Love :iconcutiepie0409:Cutiepie0409 8 18
The Crow :icondemoncherry:Demoncherry 398 79 The Crow :iconkayiglerart:KayIglerART 1,652 173 The Crow :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,088 582 Manga vs Cosplay_ Sebastian Michaelis :iconseiramichaelis:SeiraMichaelis 27 6 Cosplay vs Anime_ Sebastian usagi-san :iconseiramichaelis:SeiraMichaelis 18 3 Poor Snape... :iconjuanasunfall:JuanaSunfall 44 32



Cant resist wont be missed it's a lie but I insist
ey, did a drawing based on a song I've been listening to,
here's the link:
     English cover:…
      MY English cover: Six Trillion Years And Overnight Story English cover. by cover singing Faith | Free Listening on SoundCloud

           I do not own the song or Dr. Octopus, Dr. Octopus belongs to Marvel.
Free commisions!
I'm pretty bored and I have art block, so could you send reccomendations of who to draw, can be a real person, or a tv or youtube show character!
One More time, Rolling girl...
I did a drawing based of the song Rolling girl, by hatsune miku because it describes me VERY well, I made this in Pokemon Art Academy and Doc Ock Came to my mind when I thought of who else I should include, Rolling girl is a very depressing song and I tried to capture that gloom and suspence for this drawing and I'm pretty impressed with how it has turned out.

My english cover of the song: Rolling Girl english cover by cover singing Faith | Free Listening on SoundCloud
''Don't be afraid, I'm not so bad, am I~?''
Quote from "Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors", drawn in Pokemon Art Academy 

I do not own Otto Octavius, he is the property of Marvel.
for my birthday on the 25th, I went to chuck-e-cheese and got weird stares from many people, I also took a picture with the terrifying animatronics. I made an Oreo cake, it was the first time I've ever made a cake so it naturally wasn't very good. I celebrated Alfred Molina's birthday the day before mine and my parents thought I was insane. I basically just binge watched all of his movies that I could until 6 A.M. My birthday was somewhat fun and I don't feel any different at all. 

Watching: Doc Ock vs. Spiderman on dvd
Reading: nothing
Listening: I'm sorry I'm sorry by Hatsune Miku


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a girl who likes to draw fnaf characters and is obsessed with her senpai Alfred Molina…


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